WACSAC is the project of one Matthew Pakulski, composer and wrangler-in-chief. It is currently engaged in the work of producing his composed music for “classical” instruments (your basic strings, winds, brass and once in a while, voice), and to use these productions as a framework for live events that include collaborations and artistic participation from other artists.

That’s the current mission, and WACSAC is excited for that mission to expand.

Some info about Matt:

  • Education: Harvard University, 1994. Studied composition with Ivan Tcherepnin and Bernard Rands.
  • Member of rock band Fat Day, 1992-2005. Co-composer of six albums and ten EPs of rock and experimental material and one electronic film soundtrack; co-inventor of electronic musical helmets, trampolines, and light-triggered devices.
  • Founder and sole creative force of WACSAC chamber ensemble, 1994-1997.
  • Proprietor of Pipeline Records, Cambridge and Somerville, MA, 1997-2000.
  • Senior Manager of Music Analysis, MediaUnbound, Inc. – a music recommendations technology company – 2000-present.

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